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All rights reserved. Thanks to gene editing, two mouse moms birthed this pup. Now grown to adulthood, she even has her own babies.

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Baby-making science has crossed a new threshold, at least in rodents. A team of scientists in China has managed to create a small number of apparently healthy mouse pups from same-sex female parents. The researchers also generated offspring from two mouse dads—but those pups all died shortly after birth, underscoring the fact that the new technique still faces serious hurdles.

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To make a mammal, you need an egg and a sperm. These two required genetic inputs have, historically, meant failure to launch for attempts to produce offspring from male-male or female-female couplings. But by blurring the boundaries between egg and sperm with genetic alteration, scientists are now helping us break the rules of mammalian reproduction.

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Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. Steinbeck not only depicts the hard-scrabble existences of itinerant ranch hands, but also spotlights the flora and fauna once abundant in the area. S tresses the importance of social connection during times of trouble.

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By Jessica Hamzelou. Aggression and sexual behaviour are controlled by the same brain cells in male mice — but not in females. The finding suggests that males are more likely to become aggressive when they see a potential mate than females.

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The male mind is rational and orderly while the female one is complicated and hormonal. It is a stereotype that has skewed decades of neuroscience research towards using almost exclusively male mice and other laboratory animals, according to a new study. Scientists have typically justified excluding female animals from experiments — even when studying conditions that are more likely to affect women — on the basis that fluctuating hormones would render the results uninterpretable.

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In the July 6 SN : Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, stone tool dates face scrutiny, ocean plastic goes deep, records of Inca taxation, erosion spurred plate tectonics and more. Male mice shown and rats outnumber female rodents in neuroscience laboratories. People might wonder: Are rodents good substitutes for humans?

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A University of California, Berkeley, study of mice reveals, for the first time, how puberty hormones might impede some aspects of flexible youthful learning. While gleaned from young female mice, the findings, published in the June 1 issue of the journal Current Biologymay have broad educational and health implications for girls, many of whom are entering the first stage of puberty as young as age 7 and 8. Wilbrecht and her laboratory team at UC Berkeley and UCSF discovered significant changes in neural communication in the frontal cortices of female mice after they were exposed to pubertal hormones. The changes occurred in a region of the frontal brain that is associated with learning, attention and behavioral regulation.

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In female mammals, it remains controversial whether maternal diet and particularly the source and availability of energy can influence sex of offspring born. Mice delivered four litters of pups, resulting in a total of 1, young born over pregnancies. Gestation length and litter size did not differ between VHF and LF groups and did not change as mice aged.


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